When you compare the HTC VIVE Pro to the HTC VIVE Cosmos you can see which VR Headset is better. Let's take a look of the comparison, and see which model of VR Headset out ontop.

What VR Headset is better?

Comparing the two VR headsets, HTC VIVE Pro and HTC VIVE Cosmos, it is clear that they both have a lot of features in common. They both have room-scale tracking, 360-degree tracking, and a 90Hz refresh rate. The major difference between them comes down to their resolution, CPU/graphics requirements, and operating system compatibility.

The HTC VIVE Pro has a lower resolution than the Cosmos at 1440 × 1600 px but it also requires less powerful hardware to run with an Intel Core i5-4590 CPU and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card needed for minimum specs. Additionally, the Pro is compatible with Windows as well as Mac OS. This makes it more accessible to people who don't have high-end gaming PCs or laptops.

On the other hand, the HTC VIVE Cosmos boasts a higher resolution of 2880 × 1700 px which gives users better visual fidelity than what's offered on the Pro version – perfect for those looking for greater immersion from their VR experience. Furthermore, its compatibility extends across even more platforms including SteamVR compatible devices like Oculus Rift and Valve Index alongside Windows 10 systems – making it even easier for people to enjoy this headset regardless of their device setup.

It's worth noting though that all these features come at a cost; the Cosmos is significantly pricier than its predecessor due to its increased power requirements (it needs an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor). This may make it difficult for budget shoppers looking to get into virtual reality without breaking the bank too much.

After using both VR headsets myself I can honestly say that I preferred using the HTC VIVE Cosmos over its predecessor due to its improved visuals and wider platform support; however there are some sacrifices made in terms of power requirements which could be offputting depending on your situation or budget restraints. Ultimately it comes down to what you need from your experience but if you're able to get past these issues then I would highly recommend going with this headset instead of any other one on the market today as its performance certainly stands out from among others in this space.

Specs comparison between the two VR Headsets

Model NameVIVE ProVIVE Cosmos
Release Date20182010
Country of OriginTaiwanTaiwan
CategoryPC VRPC VR
Battery Life2.5 h
Field of View110°110°
Resolution1440 × 1600 px (per eye)2880 × 1700 px
Refresh Rate90 Hz90 Hz
Minimum Requirements
Min. CPU RequiredIntel Core i5-4590
Min. Graphics RequiredNvidia GeForce GTX 1060
Min. RAM Required4 GB
Operating SystemsMac OS,Microsoft Windows
Weight470 g
Dimensions50.8 x 101.6 x 203.2 mm
Room Scale?YESYES
360 Tracking?YESYES
Positional Tracking?YESYES
Front Camera?YESYES
Eye Tracking?YES
Usable with Glasses?YES
Cooling SystemYESYES
Built in Headphones?YES
Built in Microphone?YES
Flip Visor?YESYES
Voice Command?YES
IPD Adjustment?YESYES
Lens to Eye Adjustment?YESYES
Display Port?YES
Mini Display Port?YES

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