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Bose Frames

Bose Frames
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    45 g

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    3.5 h

Augmented Reality (AR) glasses that looks and feels like a normal frame. Stay connected to your world, without distraction, with smart frames that let you see and hear what matters most. Bose Frames are the first AR glasses designed with a lightweight, durable metal design and room for prescription lenses. They're also the first AR glasses with a transparent display for quick interaction and easy handling. No more taking your headset off to do simple tasks - now you can see your surroundings while checking emails or snapping photos in 360° from any angle.
58 × 22 × 150 mm
45 g
Built in Microphone?
Voice Command?
Battery Life
3.5 h
360 Tracking?
Built in Headphones?
AR Glasses
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Country of Origin
United States
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Reviews of the Bose Frames
Rated 3.9 / 5 from 4 Reviews
Bose Frames Tempo
For $250, the sport-focused Bose Frames Tempo are the most compelling pair of audio sunglasses in the company's lineup, as they seem to serve a more specific and likely need than the other pairs, which are more everyday, stylish sunglasses with roughly the same audio experience. That said, you shouldn’t buy these hybrid headphones for the audio performance alone, as you can purchase a dedicated pair of wireless in-ears (some with ambient aware modes) with much better audio quality for less money.
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Bose’s sporty shades offer good sound, a steady fit, and total awareness
  • - 4
The Bose Frames Tempo let you hear the world around you with no obstructions — with a soundtrack playing over everything, while at the same time giving your ears a bit of a break compared to normal earbuds. At $250, they will be a tough sell for some. But I’ve come to realize that audio sunglasses are the exact sort of thing you won’t ever realize you needed. Until you put ‘em on — and all of a sudden, you do
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These audio sunglasses rock
  • - 4.1
Ultimately, the Frames remain a niche product. While they don't sound nearly as good as Bose's QuietComfort Earbuds or Sport Earbuds, the sound is getting better, the voice calling is great, and these new Frames are the best audio sunglasses on the market. They're definitely worth trying if they pique your interest and I found the Tempo appealing for running and biking despite looking goofy when I wore them. If you try them and they don't fit -- or you're simply not impressed -- the good news is you can return them within 30 days.
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Much more than just premium sunglasses
  • - 3.5
The Bose Frames are an interesting concept and well-designed, but a few missing features and frustrations mean they’re not a must-have item for everyone just yet. These aren’t going to replace your traditional headphones, but as an alternative to wear during the summer you may find the Bose Frames to be a great novelty.
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