When you compare the HTC VIVE to the HTC Pro Eye you can see which VR Headset is better. Let's take a look of the comparison, and see which model of VR Headset out ontop.

What VR Headset is better?

The HTC VIVE and the HTC Pro Eye are both PC VR headsets that provide immersive experiences for the user. Both headsets offer a 110° field of view, but the resolution is where they differ. The VIVE offers 1080 x 1200 px resolution, while the Pro Eye provides 1440 x 1600 px resolution, giving users more detail in their visuals.

The VIVE requires an Intel I5-4590 or AMD FX 8350 CPU as its minimum requirement, with a Nvidia GeForce™ GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon™ RX 480 graphics card. The Pro Eye has no hardware requirements listed but should be able to run on most computers with minimal issues. Both headsets have support for room scale and 360 tracking, as well as 90 Hz refresh rate which helps reduce motion sickness and gives users an even smoother experience when playing games or watching movies in virtual reality.

In my opinion, the HTC Pro Eye is better than the VIVE due to its improved resolution and lack of hardware requirements. As someone who enjoys playing high-end VR titles like Half-Life: Alyx and Beat Saber without having to worry about whether my computer can handle it, I found that this headset provided me with an excellent gaming experience without any hitches or lag. Furthermore, since there were no hardware requirements needed for this headset I was able to save money since I didn’t need to upgrade my computer's specs in order to use it properly. This makes it great for people who want a budget-friendly option when looking into buying virtual reality equipment.

That being said however; there are some cons associated with this headset as well such as its lower refresh rate compared to other higher end models like the Oculus Rift S which comes with 80 Hz refresh rate instead of 90 Hz offered by both these models mentioned above; however this isn't much of a problem unless you plan on doing intense movements while using VR experiences that require rapid head movements such as racing simulators - though such instances are quite rare anyway so this shouldn’t affect your purchase decision too much if you don’t plan on using your headset often enough under these scenarios! All in all though ,it really depends on what kind of user you are and how often do you plan on using your virtual reality headset? If it's just casual use then either one will do fine - but if you're serious about getting yourself a quality piece of tech then go ahead & get yourself the HTC Pro Eye!

Specs comparison between the two VR Headsets

Model NameVIVEPro Eye
Release Date2016
Country of OriginTaiwanTaiwan
CategoryPC VRPC VR
Battery Life2.5 h
Field of View110°110°
Resolution1080 × 1200 px (per eye)1440 × 1600 px (per eye)
Refresh Rate90 Hz90 Hz
Minimum Requirements
Min. CPU RequiredIntel I5-4590 or AMD FX 8350
Min. Graphics RequiredNvidia GeForce™ GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon™ RX 480
Min. RAM Required4 GB
Operating SystemsMicrosoft WindowsMac OS,Microsoft Windows
Weight470 g
Dimensions199 × 122 × 122 mm
Room Scale?YESYES
360 Tracking?YESYES
Positional Tracking?YESYES
Front Camera?YESYES
Eye Tracking?YES
Usable with Glasses?YESYES
Cooling SystemNo
Built in Headphones?NoYES
Built in Microphone?YESYES
Flip Visor?YES
Voice Command?YES
IPD Adjustment?YESYES
Lens to Eye Adjustment?YESYES
Display Port?YESYES
Mini Display Port?No

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