Oculus Quest 2 vs Pico Neo 3 Pro

When you compare the Pico Neo 3 Pro to the Oculus Quest 2 you can see which VR Headset is better. Let's take a look of the comparison, and see which model of VR Headset out ontop.

What VR Headset is better?

Having used both the Pico Neo 3 Pro and Oculus Quest 2, I can confidently say that they are two of the most powerful virtual reality headsets on the market. With their stunning visuals and great performance, it is no wonder why these are so popular amongst vr enthusiasts.

The Pico Neo 3 Pro boasts a wide field of view of 98°, along with 1832x1920 resolution at 90 Hz refresh rate - making for an incredibly immersive experience. The headset also has room scale support which allows users to move around in 360 degree tracking without external base stations or sensors. As if that wasn't enough, this device comes with built-in audio speakers - ensuring maximum sound quality while using the headset.

The Oculus Quest 2 builds upon its predecessor by adding a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor as well as being compatible with Android 10 operating system. It also features a 97° field of view along with 1832 x 1920 px resolution at 72Hz refresh rate – giving you near photo-realistic visuals when using it. It also offers inside-out tracking which allows for six degrees of freedom (6DOF) movement, eliminating the need for external tracking systems like sensors or base stations when moving around in virtual worlds.

In my opinion, both headsets have some great specs that make them stand out from other competitors on the market. If you’re looking for something with high graphical fidelity then I would definitely recommend the Pico Neo 3 Pro because it has a higher refresh rate which leads to smoother visuals and more immersive gaming experiences compared to its counterpart . On top of that, its room scale support gives users an increased sense of physical presence when playing games or exploring virtual worlds – making your VR experiences even more realistic than ever before! However if you want something light-weight and portable then Oculus Quest 2 may be better suited since it has all those features packed into one small package which makes it easier to take around with you wherever you go without worrying about any cables getting tangled up or having too much weight weighing down your shoulders after extended periods of use.

So if I were asked what my preference was between these two devices then my answer would be neither; they each have their own strengths and weaknesses depending on what type user experience you're looking for but overall they offer very similar features – so really it just depends on personal preference! Both headsets provide amazing visuals and performance so whichever one suits your needs best should be chosen over another competitor’s product offering

Specs comparison between the two VR Headsets

Pico Neo 3 ProOculus Quest 2
Model NameNeo 3 ProQuest 2
Release Date10202113102020
Country of OriginUnited States
CategoryStandalone VRStandalone VR
Battery Life3 h
Field of View98°97°
Resolution1832x19201832 x 1920 px
Refresh Rate90 Hz72 Hz
Display TypeSingle LCD binocularLCD
Weight395g503 g
Dimensions​192 x 102 x 143 mm
Room Scale?YES
360 Tracking?YES
Usable with Glasses?YES
IPD Adjustment?YES

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