The Best VR Headset for Kids

Lora Garcia08 Mar 2022

Even though we still have yet to see VR in its entirety, other than as computer-generated imagery in films, it is here to stay. Top tech companies and other also-rans compete for prime positions in the fast-growing tech device sector. Consumers and prosumers, such as ourselves, may finally get their hands on entry-level virtual reality technology, except high-end gadgets that are becoming more affordable day by day. Following COVID, many things have changed, perhaps permanently, in our relationship with one another and the rest of the world. Children may be the most important sales drivers for many businesses, and they're also the simplest to convert. However, this isn't the case with virtual reality headsets for children. Instead, we may be on the verge of a paradigm shift in children's learning from reality.

How to choose the right VR for your Kids


Beyond the lower price ranges, VR headsets are heavier. Among the finest VR headsets in 2021, the Oculus Rift S costs about $300 and is a worthwhile investment for that price. It's fantastic, among the best VR headsets in 2021, and it's worth buying for around $299. It weighs 1.67 pounds, which is less than the Rift S by quite a bit. Imagine being a kid with the Rift S strapped to your head! Why you should consider headsets with fewer features and weight, even if you're sacrificing quality and convenience, your child may still use them to begin learning about VR.


While size is a factor to consider when buying kids' toys, it's not the only one. Bigger isn't always better, especially when it comes to things for children. The most suitable Virtual Reality headsets for children are smaller and intended to fit small heads comfortably enough to use. Size is crucial when it comes to virtual reality headsets. However, if the user's cranial capacity does not match the minimum span of the headset, their head may slip forward. So, if you're shopping for a headset for a kid, go with something less expensive that will accomplish the task rather than a big burly one that may be pricey and useless.

Simple to Use

For children, we recommend smartphone-based Virtual Reality headsets. The brightness of gaming and standalone VR headsets has increased for your child's eyes. Extremely bright lights can put a strain on your kid's eyes over extended periods. On the other hand, Mobile VR headsets may be customized to minimize injury. The lenses are also considerably lighter and significantly smaller than the complete viewing dimensions of Virtual Headsets. The screen size is already familiar to your youngster with the smartphone, so it will be simple to take full advantage of the VR experience on it!

Is it Safe to Purchase a Virtual Reality Headset for a Child?

Consider it this way: a virtual reality headset is a smart classroom used right at home. You already know that audiovisuals, when done well, provide a far more immersive experience and a steeper learning curve. You can now interact with a virtual environment that not only reflects your actions but also serves as an entirely new physical dimension. Children may benefit greatly from virtual reality technology by enabling them to meet the outside world while remaining safe at home, avoiding pandemic limitations that will remain for some time. Although the industry is still evolving, virtual reality has already revolutionized it. VR has established a new normal for work, play and education, yet it may overcome the obstacles imposed by conventional technologies. You may assist your child to enjoy their youth to the full by providing them with a VR headset.

Best VR Headsets for Kids: Ranked and Reviewed

Samsung Gear VR w/Controller


  • The most notable feature of the software is that it can be used with a smartphone on numerous screen sizes.
  • Type-C and micro-USB devices may be used with this converter.
  • It's portable and lightweight, making it ideal for children.


  • The screen resolutions are not adjustable.
  • It lacks an internal audio system.

Samsung collaborated with Oculus to create a VR headset for its top smartphones. The Samsung Gear VR with Controller is one of the most high-quality smartphone-based virtual reality headsets for kids. Given its low light leakage and clean design, this gadget is functional and beautiful. Type-C and micro-USB-powered smartphones are compatible since the modular USB socket may be swapped. Once you've chosen an application, ensure the focus is set to obtain the highest image quality. You'll also receive the Gear VR wireless motion-sensitive controller, which has a home button, back button, and volume buttons, as well as a big scroll touchpad with an index finger touch button to validate your choice. Two AAA batteries power the controller. Custom-fit cushioning has been added to the second-generation Samsung Gear VR, providing a more comfortable fit for extended usage periods. Samsung has included a flat touchpad to change your adjustments, as well as a Home and Return option, in addition to the regular four-way controller. Gear VR was warned against being used by children under 13. Verdict The Samsung Gear VR is simple to operate and has plenty of applications and games for kids to complete the task easily.

Lenovo Mirage Solo


  • Excellent image quality
  • On the right-hand side are a variety of controls.
  • The design is well-balanced and fits snugly.


  • This software is not compatible with Windows. 
  • Light seeping through the cover

The Lenovo Mirage Solo is a self-contained virtual reality headset that runs Android and has several desirable features. It has excellent VR outputs, including twin HDMI ports connecting two external displays to one device. The design is extremely elegant, with improved internal cushioning. The weight of the Mirage Solo is counterbalanced by a halo-style headband and a cordless design. You can get a better fit by adjusting the headset's rear flip-to-view structure, which allows you to lift the headset to return to reality. With no strings attached, it gives you a full 110-degree field of vision. You may give your kid this strong VR gadget because there are no cables attached. This headset is equipped with a 90-day warranty and features a rechargeable battery with enough juice for up to three VR sessions per day. It can also be used as a parental control tool, with its 3-hour battery life that can last more than one VR session each day. It is compatible with PCs, smartphones, and any Bluetooth-activated device. To provide a wireless virtual reality experience, the Snapdragon 835 Mobile VR platform processor is used in this VR headset. The Lenovo Daydream is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Users can enjoy a 3D sound and 4K visuals on this headset. You get a free copy of Blade Runner: Revelations from Google Play when you purchase this gadget.

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