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Lora Garcia20 Feb 2022

For big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Samsung and Sony, virtual reality will play a sizeable role in the future in regards to how we interact with computers. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or other virtual reality gadgets. Using your Android or iPhone, you can experience the effect by just using compatible apps. Now, you can install a virtual reality application on your phone and experience the best of 3D videos, music, gaming, news, adventures and much more.

With advances in technology and integration of smartphones, VR has become more accessible than ever. Whether using Android phones or iPhones, you can now enjoy VR apps and games from the comfort of your home. If you are getting started with VR on your smartphone, here are the best apps that you can use.

Amazing Virtual Reality Android Apps

When you type VR apps into the Google play store, a long list pops up. The Google Play store has numerous to choose from. However, very few make the experience exciting. Choosing the best ones may be a complex task, however, before you choose an app, you should be guided by what you want to experience. Virtual Reality is a relatively new field undergoing a lot of innovations and changes. Android VR apps are compatible with many smartphones that support VR such as G5, LG and Galaxy S7. User can equally try out apps using Google Cardboard. As these innovations and constant changes take place, let us pay a close look at the top VR apps doing the rounds on Android.

1. Ryot VR

With Ryot VR, you can experience the changing world in immersive Virtual Reality. The Ryot VR app proves that it can be used for more than entertainment. Using it, you get to watch the latest happenings and news around the world to give you a 360-degree view of news in the real time. Apart from gaming using the app, you can participate in discussions to help others with a solution rather than just watching the news.

2. GoPro VR

GoPro is an undisputed leader when it comes to gaming and camera world. The GoPro VR app lets the user experience adventures all over the world in a 360-degree video. Using GoPro VR to watch videos is an exciting and enjoyable feeling. You can spin through different video angles in a unique and interesting manner. If you want to have an amazing experience, it’s time you try GoPro VR. Internal cameras give you an exciting view of all happening around you. If you want to have an absolute experience in virtual reality, the GoPro app is a must install on your smartphone.

3. FullDrive VR

FullDrive VR is another of the best available virtual reality apps in the market today. It is the must-have app to enjoy the excitement of VR experience. has a great number of 360-degree videos which create a great experience. FullDrive has a built-in player and an amazing gallery to watch pictures.

4. VR Fantasy

The name suggests it all. With VR Fantasy, you are taken into a world of fantasy where daredevil and exciting adventures happen. With it, you enter into a dungeon to prepare for real war. You battle with swords, break walls, come across giant spiders, and prepare for a final battle with the dragon. It prepares you for a breathtaking experience as you fight a fierce battle as you fight off all through fantasy.

5. Sites in VR

With Sites VR app, you are essentially breathing, living and experiencing an exciting site of interest using the app. You can choose any destination based on your country or city. Options available include mosques, places, temples, and museums. After you choose a destination, you are given choices on different angles to look upon. You can walk down stairs, jump walls or climb walls in an exciting and breathtaking experience.

Leading VR apps for iPhones

For iPhone owners, you don’t need to switch to Android in case you need to enjoy virtual experiences. When it comes to apps, look no further than App Store. To enjoy a virtual environment, all you need is a headset and some apps. Getting a headset is easy. Google Cardboard or any equivalent compatible would work well with an iPhone. Here are some of the most amazing apps for iPhone virtual reality.

1. Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR video app has tons of 360 video content for the user to peruse. You can watch short documentaries, or enjoy VR Tourism as you explore different locations in a thrilling experience in a 360-degree video display. It even offers a wider variety of 3d video than Vrse. With Jaunt VR, you are bound to enjoy nature films, comedies, music, video, and documentaries.

2. Discovery VR

If you are familiar with discovery channel and you enjoy its content, then Discovery VR is the right app for you. Discovery VR is an app build for iPhone along with the incorporation of Oculus Rift headset. It offers a selection of videos made by teams at various discovery channels such as Survivorman and Mythbusters.

3. Vrse – Virtual Reality

Virtual reality video is getting a big dominance in the smartphone VR space. With Vrse, filmmakers can use a special 360-degree camera to film anything they want. After filming, you wear a headset to watch the resulting video and see all that happened in all directions in reference where the camera was located. Vrse app offers a curated selection of 360-degree videos from sources such as New York Times among others. Vrse is without a doubt a unique VR experience you can have on your iPhone.

4. Virtual Reality Moon

In real life, you may not be able to enter the moon, but in virtual reality, everything is possible. VR moon is the next big thing. With this app, you are instantly transported to the moon where you can see the Earth and the International Space Station a distance apart. With a gamepad, you can walk around and experience all what the moon has to offer. Using VR moon, you can explore the moon on foot in an exciting way.

Lora Garcia

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