Is VR Worth It?

Lora Garcia01 Apr 2022

Since 2016, VR headsets for the masses have been available to serious gamers. From 2014 to the end of 2021, a slew of significantly influencing firms like HTC, Valve, and Oculus nurtured a place and zealous fan base. The most sophisticated headsets, HTC VIVE Pro and Oculus Rift, produced the best-quality, more immersive experiences. On the other hand, standalone VR headsets such as VIVE Focus and the Oculus Quest 2 take a significant share of the pie due to their accessibility. The simplified answer is: Virtual Reality is worth the money. In 2022, VR gaming will be stronger than ever before. Virtual reality (VR) is already an excellent way to immerse oneself in a game or experience. It's still early days for VR, but it has seen fantastic growth over the last year and looks set to be a key part of the future of gaming. Demand for VR is extremely high, with 90 percent of Oculus Quest players or users having no prior experience with the technology. The new Oculus Quest 2 should do quite well this Christmas. Some hurdles remain. Many consumers are also perplexed as to whether or not they want a product and where to begin. Confidence and general knowledge are major obstacles to adoption. This post will determine whether virtual reality is worthwhile, suggesting that this is the time to purchase a virtual reality headset. Subscribe to the alluring wire newsletter for more content if you like this material.

In the past, VR was prohibitively expensive.

For many individuals, the most significant consideration is cost. In 2016, VR wasn’t the most affordable pastime for most individuals. The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift prices were stratospheric, with highly-priced lenses and features requiring high manufacturing costs. Expensive PCs, including trackers placed in a room, and complicated tracking software were required to operate the headsets. The difficulties were considerable. Some people do not have high-end computers, and others do not have the money to purchase add-ons. They weren't popular because they were disconnected and passionate groups. Importantly, it proved that most individuals would not be willing to pay the high price of a VR headset. The most significant barrier for declining usage between 2016-2018 was the high entry price. In the fourth quarter of 2019, following the release of the Oculus Go and its strong performance on Christmas Eve 2019 when it surpassed Amazon's best-selling list, virtual reality (VR) headsets were a top holiday gift. The evidence was indisputable: low prices have a significant impact, demonstrating that cost is among the most vital elements in VR adoption.

Powerful Virtual Reality for the enthusiasts

It's crucial to remember that more powerful headsets are an excellent alternative for several gamers. The Oculus Rift S and HTC VIVE provide high-quality immersion experiences incompatible with other headsets. However, for a tiny group of fans, having the opportunity to immerse oneself in the game is an important advantage. Furthermore, the headsets include unique perks, such as playing popular games like Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. As with the PlayStation 4 Pro, this applies to the PlayStation Virtual Reality. Thousands of headsets have been sold since the gaming headset's debut, and it is considered among the most popular gaming headsets ever. With the PS4s already in homes, the headset had a policy for fun and power. The headset had several high-quality titles, like Tetris Effect and ASTRO BOT. The PSVR2 should be here soon. On the other hand, the market is gradually drifting away from these pricey headsets. On the other hand, other organizations desire to offer accessible versions of the finest experiences at any rate. It also meant transitioning from personal computers and technology to developing products that could operate independently.

Is it worth it to buy a separate headset to enjoy VR?

When standalone VR headsets debuted and entered the market in 2018, the winds changed. The advantages of buying all-in-one Virtual Reality headsets are self-evident; no computers mean faster uptake. Imagine returning home and wishing to view a 360-degree film. For some people, it's inconvenient to turn on the PC, tighten the connections, and put on a Virtual Reality headset to view a film. Not only are portable headsets a wonderful invention, but having one on the location that can be fastened and turned on for a minute is a major step forward. Standalone headsets are not reliant on expensive Personal Computers to operate. The release of the Oculus Go and other devices sparked much conversation. The company has given a lot of VR headsets for free to film content producers. SuperData projects that Oculus sold approximately 289,000 headsets in the second quarter of 2018. That became a major portion of virtual reality sales during the same period. The headset was a wonderful starting point for Virtual Reality at $200. On the other hand, the headset was extremely low-powered, plus it relied on small controls. The number of (DOF) does not compare to the six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) standard. While the Oculus Go provided a taste of standalone virtual reality, it was not quite worth it yet. The idea required to be developed further.

Oculus Quest: The Ultimate Virtual Reality Headset

The PS VR headset costs $400, which isn't bad for the debut of a fresh games console. 6DoF controls are included instead of the Oculus Go's 3DoF controllers. The tracing was adequate for games like Beat Saber plus the overall feel withstands criticism. For others, this lowers the most significant VR hurdles. This makes it more appealing to buy a headset. Preorders proved that this was sufficient for a large number of individuals. Amazon's video games group had the top-selling item; then, the Oculus stores sold out in its starting week of pre-order sales. Then, the Virtual Reality headset was selling so well around the world. Consumers desired more of the headset, as Facebook revealed that it sold the devices as quickly as it could produce them. In 2019, we hit our breaking point. We've arrived at our goal with strict controls, high-quality games, and a reasonable cost.

What is the headset's role in making VR worthwhile?

With a significant portion of users purchasing extra applications titles on the site, the Oculus Quest established new ground. The following are some of the other factors to consider:

  • **Price: **As previously said, the main bar to adoption is cost. A Personal Computer and a virtual reality headset are extremely costly when purchased separately. However, it is worth noting that the $400 cost of an Oculus Quest alone is far superior value than a Gear VR + Controller bundle.
  • **Simple use: **It is so simple to pick it up and play. This made wearing VR a breeze.
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