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Lora Garcia20 Feb 2022

If you want to share a quality time with the three-dimensional world, then you are suggested in playing only Virtual Reality Games. These games are full of excitement, and you can easily play them at home. Physical games involve sudden injuries but in this case, you will not face any disastrous situation, and they are much more improved than that of the physical or outdoor games.

Most of the outdoor games are quite tiresome, and thus you might lose energy soon, but these virtual games can be conveniently played for long hours without losing energy. There are many people just back out thinking that these games can be played only by technically skilled fellows, but this is not true at all.

The real fact is that no complex or critical technicalities are involved in these games, and thus they can be played by all. Virtual Reality Games can be played anywhere and at any point of time. There are no legal restrictions on playing these games, and thus they have got greater global acceptance in the present era.


Virtual reality games are not only interesting, but they are also very much engaging. Once you start playing the games, you will not be able to realise how the time is passing out. You will really enjoy the virtual graphics as the concept of those graphics has been taken from the real-world only.

You will not feel bored anymore rather you will get highly entertained by means of playing these virtual games. You can now consider these games as our favourite pass-time and can play the games with greater enjoyment and fun.

These games can be played both by kids and adults. If you are playing these games on big scribes, then the entertainment level will simply get doubled, and you can have thorough enjoyment. These games can also become your best friend after retirement.

Cost savings

VR games are not costly rather you can now play them for free. Though there are few premium versions that need to be paid, the cost is quite nominal and thus can be easily afforded by the players.

If you are a beginner, then you can practice our hands by attending the free games first as trial versions and then you can move to the premium versions. The most exciting part is that these games can be now played on multiple platforms like play stations, consoles, computers, laptops, mobile phones and other related devices.

Improved hand-eye coordination

Virtual Reality Games can not only help you in acquiring necessary technical knowledge, but you can also get the opportunity of developing great hand-eye coordination by continuously playing the same. This quality can enhance your speed, and this speed can make your performances and moves much sharpened.

You will be able to keep a good track on your surroundings so that sudden attacks can be roughly prevented. You can gain the capability of developing different unique and improved strategies that can help you to win live challenges.

Disciplined behaviour

You can get a completely disciplined and composed behaviour by means of playing VR games on a regular basis. These games need to be played in a strategic way by following few standard principles otherwise winning chances will become vague.

This is how you can lead a systematic life by organizing all your household and personal activities. You can also get a great behavioural improvement that can help you to acquire a peaceful and sophisticated lifestyle free from unwanted mess.

Higher concentration

VR games play the most important role in boosting up your concentration level. Your dedicated efforts will get automatically reflected when you will play the games for hours. Nowadays, most of the wisest parents are continuously inspiring their kids to choose these games as one of the leading indoor games.

If the concentration level gets increased, then the kids will also become much more responsible and discharge their daily duties with care. On the other hand, the kids can also get a great academic future ahead. The kids can get the greater encouragement of dealing with any kinds of challenging situations of real-life.

Improved brain-power

There are many VR games that are related to memory as a result of which active brain functions can be ensured. This is very much beneficial for those kids who have just entered into their academic life. Brain capacity is not only increased, but memorization power is also made quite polished as a result of playing these games in a consistent manner.

If you can memorise things properly, then your everyday tasks will be efficiently performed and on the other hand your overall productivity will also increase to a great extent. If you are a student, then you can memorise your study materials well, and this can improve your educational phase of life.

Best VR Games

This is for all the game lovers who can do anything to play a game. A hardcore gamer waits for the school or college periods to end so one can reach home and start the gaming experience. There was a time when people and specifically kids played video games. Video games were those games with which had begun the ever developing era of games. After a few years of the standard video games, we got accustomed to the world of higher resolution or HD video games. Now we know about PS3, PS4, X-box and many more. Two of the giants providing the best gaming experiences are Sony and Microsoft undoubtedly.

The next step

You must now be wondering what is virtual reality game then? Let me make it distinct for you. The word “virtual” refers to anything that is approximately close while “reality” refers to exactly the feelings that we go through every day. Now putting them together, you understand that virtual reality game refers to something that is quite close to real. In other words, the three-dimensional gaming experience is known as virtual reality games.

Nowadays the HD games have become advanced with the three-dimensional effect. There are many best virtual reality games. You need to know what the highlights are of those games.


You will be amazed to know what are the possibilities with these best virtual reality games. Let us have a look.

  • With all the accessories and equipment ready, you will be able to walk through a three-dimensional building
  • You will be able to perform operations in the game virtually
  • These games also allow you to play with multiple players enhancing the experience
  • We all know about the war games. Imagine yourself being a part of those wars. Yes that is indeed possible
  • There can be features of installations in the game which you can be a part of
  • Experience life like situations without any harm caused

So after knowing the facts, are you up for some excitement? Now that you have an understanding of what these games are like, you might be interested to know about the games available in the category of the best virtual reality games.


There are a number of virtual reality games. Here is a list of the top 10 that we cannot miss.

  1. Arizona Sunshine: If you haven’t got enough of playing Zombie games, then you need to be up for this one that is played across the horizon and people showing immense interest in it. Gamers love the effects used in this game.
  2. Star Citizen: If you are looking for some first person experience of shooting in space or any other planet, then this can’t get more real than this.
  3. Eagle Flight: Considered as one of the best virtual reality games, no one can get over this. The style of art and graphics used will leave you to want more of it.
  4. Superhot VR: This has become one of the favourites of all with the adrenaline rush it gives with each effect. Kids and youths are dead crazy about it.
  5. Second Life: This game was launched in the year 2003 by Linden Lab and since then has been gaining popularity. It seems like the old wine that gets better with age. It claims to have approximately 1 million users in the year 2013. That is insane.
  6. Active Worlds: This is even older. It was developed by Active World Inc. in the year 1995. Apart from being available in the English language, Spanish speakers, Chinese speakers and Danish speakers will have the advantage of playing with ease! It doesn’t mean that others can’t play after all, games don’t have a specific language. A game freak can play in any language.
  7. Onverse: If customising avatars is your fetish, then you should play this game. It is interesting and exciting each second. You can never get tired of this game. IT has ample of scope that you are engaged in it for hours. If you have never played it, get your user id and password and get going.
  8. Red Light Center: It has more than four million active users and still counting. Its number of users says a lot about the popularity of the game.
  9. Empire Sports game: For all those sports lovers, here is a game that might be of your interest. With multiple sports to be played, you will be engaged throughout. It is definitely one of the best virtual reality games.
  10. Blue Mars: This is not too old when compared to others. Yet a popular and highly played game.

So the demand for these games is on the rise. Don’t be out of the world not playing them. Those who haven’t should try any of them without a miss. It will be a fascinating experience for sure.

3D VR Games

Are you looking for the most user-friendly online games? Well, then nothing can be the right option other than Virtual Reality 3D Games. These games need not be upgraded manually rather they get upgraded automatically. Since these online games are so very handy, therefore the players are very much fond of the same.

If you are using computers with old configurations, then you should upgrade the same otherwise, these technically advanced games cannot be played with ease and comfort. If you are going to play the games for the first time, then you are recommended following the demonstrative videos for gaining detailed gaming knowledge.

Different gaming programs can also be followed thoroughly in order to know about the intricate facts about Virtual Reality 3D Games. Specialised software is used for controlling computer programs, and this software enables you to ply three-dimensional games in a completely customised manner. In this case, the best gaming simulator should be chosen.

These games are mostly played for entertainment and enjoyment purposes, and there is no limitation of hours for playing these games in a day, rather you can lay them even for the whole day if you wish. Greater varieties of games can be enjoyed, and you can have the freedom of switching from one game to another at any time.

Steps for upgrading your computers for laying VR three-dimensional games

Your computers can now be upgraded for absolutely free; you just need to implement few essential technicalities. These technicalities will increase the efficiency level of your system so that you can play three-dimensional games freely and conveniently. There are some vital upgrading steps, and they are as follows:

Graphics card

Integrated or suitable graphic-cards are to be chosen for making your computer ready for Virtual Reality 3D Games. Manufacturers and experts of modern-day graphic solutions can be approached for making detailed consultation regarding what kind of graphic card to choose for these games. Computers are having modern configurations already have got integrated graphic cards but for old ones you have you get new ones.

O the other hand, processor capacity needs to be checked for the smoothest virtual reality gaming experience. Only those processors are to be chosen that have got rather Intel-HD-graphics 2500/4000 or Intel-HD-graphics 2000/3000. Either Sandy-Bridge or Ivy-bridge variant is required for matching up the inbuilt graphic-chip. APU should be o A-series, and then only three-dimensional games will be supported.

If you make a detailed market research, then you will come to know that cards with GTX600-series are the most suitable ones of all and this is why most of the experienced 3D players are purchasing the sane for their computers. Bluray decoding and three-dimensional photo creation can be easily done by means of this graphics card. You can look for the most cost-effective graphic card of the same series so that you can afford to purchase the same.

3D monitors

3D monitors are definitely treated as one of the major aspects of 3D upgrade, and thus you cannot ignore the same. In fact, the first monitor should be chosen then you should think of choosing graphic-card. Monitors supporting three-dimensional standard are very much expensive in cost, and thus you have to compare the offered rates for choosing the right one.

But make sure that the monitor is of higher quality with greater warranty. Increased warranty is useful in using the monitor in the long run with free or low-cost servicing. Purchasing the right monitor is quite a challenging deal, and thus you should check out the reviews first. You can also ask the experts regarding how to recognise the right monitor for playing Virtual Reality 3D Games.


Suitable applications are to be chosen in order to make sure that you are making the correct investment. Latest versions are to be chosen for playing Virtual Reality 3D Games smoothly and efficiently. Choose only those applications that take automatic updated without any manual effort, and this can be a great help in this regard.

Compatibility is a great factor, and this is the reason you have to check out that whether your computer is matching up perfectly with the downloaded applications or not. The applications should not interrupt the speed of the internet. The format of the software needs to be adjusted in accordance with the settings of your system.

You can also call any technician at your place making necessary alterations in your system. These alterations can fetch you friendly user-experience. It is better using laptops or other improved devices for making the installation of gaming software easier. Stereoscopic images should be created for making the gaming session more entertaining. If you think that the current application is not serving your purpose well, then you can definitely replace the same with the most improved version. Nowadays, you can even play interesting three-dimensional games by using your T.V.

Steam VR Games

Over the years, game developers are very eager to get ratings of their games sometimes even before they are completed. This explains why you get so many updates after getting good ratings and attention. Steam VR games releasing updates every time with the aim of improving the gaming experience for you are numerous. Therefore if you purchase a game and play for a short period of time and you have the request of updating it don’t mind. Here is a list of seven games that you can try with full updates so far.

Space Pirate Trainer

Every time you start your windows on steam VR you will not miss to find this game. This makes it one of the best steam VR games that most users have played. It is one of the games mostly placed and highly rated because various reasons. One reason is because it is not easy to select but also very fun to play. It simplicity and fun nature is even better when you play it in mixed reality videos. It is almost every body’s dream to kill a few pirates by simply aiming at them using the laser beams.

Recently, the games was updated to it beta level giving players the chance to have new weapons to smash the enemy. Imagine what the new grenade and the shot gun can do not forgetting you also got a boost in power.

Over Junkers

Over Junkers is one of the games found in the steam VR games that are highly recommended for you. The setting of the game is that of a combat zone and involves flying. Various players play the game. On the virtual reality you will have to choose one ship whose size will depend on that of the room you are playing from. After selecting the ship you create your defence before hiding behind. The game is not only fun and fast but also creates an impression of what future combats will look like.

Out of Ammo

With more than 1000 reviews on steam VR games, Ammo remains to be one of the most played and respected game. This game gives you a unique experience that other games may not offer because you have a totally different role. Imagine yourself being a commander in the armed forces and you have troop to give orders. Initially, you need to build a good defense system before ordering your soldiers. What is interesting is that you have the ability to pick a single unit and give directions the way you see it best as their commander.

Initially, the game only had one player but now you can play with numerous opponents. In addition to the multiplayer ability, you have a lot of missions to choose from.

Raw Data

This is one of the most robust steam VR games created by Survios. Not only is it intense but is also highly modified to ensure the players get rejuvenated and fully immersed in the virtual reality. In the first month of its launch, the game got a lot of attention in VR making it sell with a turnover of a million. This is a successful indication of the progressive and expansion of the gaming field.

The game begun with simple features but now you are sure of adventuring out more with new missions coming hand in hand with new abilities as well as new weapons. I this game, you can also keep growing and tracking your performance to ensure you maintain an improvement with time. It is worth a try if you haven’t already.

Mine Craft

Almost everyone has played mine craft in their lifetime. However, not everyone has done it on a virtual realistic system. The experience is difference being physically taken into the wonder world full of blocks. Nothing much has changed in the game except the addition of a diamond sword and that you have to of course kill enemies or bad guys.


If you are into football and you are on steam VR games then you need to check this out and enjoy. While in real soccer you direct the balls into a goal, in this case you must aim at some given targets. One of the best targets is bombs. To add excitements the developer keeps changing the target positions. At some point you will have to aim the balls at moving targets creating more challenge and tricks. It is quite simply to try out.


Steam VR games do not necessarily need to involve shooting or weird creatures like zombies. With this game, you need to figure out a puzzle of nodes in order to gain Bit coins. Using the amazing 3D views on VR this is a real treat for you to get away from the shooting vicinity.

HTC Vive Games

In the VR wars, the HTC Vive can benefit exceptionally as it comes with inbuilt Steam that allows the users ready to play hundreds of VR games. The room-scale design of the Vive headset allows the user to move all around the room and also allows them to move around in the Virtual World. Not only the player gets to walk around the VR world, they can also get motion controllers, which they cannot expect in Oculus Rift.

VR Funhouse

It is the first title of Nvidia for the HTC Vive, even though it looks simple yet it can give you loads of enjoyment. If you are interested in mix & match style of The Lab, then definitely Funhouse is for you, also the interesting physics and graphic of Nvidia shows off in the game, so everything is inflated more than what you would expect.

HTC Vive Games:

Here you can find some of the popular HTC Vive games, and all these games are accessible on SteamVR.

Fantastic Contraption (Radial Games)

This vive game allows motion controls and you can use physical and an actual space and offers some thrilling possibilities for the games that totally absorb you into the game, and the FC (Fantastic Contraption) is just the perfect example. This game allows you to use simple components like rods, wheels, etc, to build devices that move a aimed object through different levels and allows you to reach your goal area. It is theoretically redolent of the old IM (Incredible Machine) series, but with plain components and superior concentration in physics. You can manipulate the components using 3D effect.

Hover Junkers (Stress Level Zero):

Hover Junker is a multiplayer HTC Vive game that offers complete exciting experience. It allows you to move in your limited space and turning your play area into the big deck of a hover ship and allows you to move around the battlefield, allow you to collect junk and exchange blasts with your enemies. The junk collection can be utilized to reinforce your defenses, and it allows you to build walls to squat behind. Reloading and shooting are handled with realistic gestures. Ducking behind, piloting around, and popping up to shoot enemies looks natural and captivating as a shooter that you have ever played.

Elite: Dangerous

This game offers the ultimate experience to the players as it gives you the natural war feeling. Space dogfighting form a cockpit is the most instant ideas that you can get in this Elite: Dangerous and VR gaming. It is sure that you can experience virtual reality as a Starfighter and it is the best way to justify the game. It is a multi-players game that offers excitement and fun to the players. The experienced player can enjoy this world space game physically.

HTC Upcoming Games:

Here you can find the list of the upcoming games for HTC Vive. Each game offers the ultimate gaming experience to all the players. The upcoming games are:

  • Special Delivery: Release date: TBA or N/A
  • Snowday: PC game: Release date: November 30, 2016
  • Outrageous Grounds: The Maze: PC: Release date: December 2016
  • VR Agent 006: PC: Estimated release date: December 2016
  • Bubble Labs: PC exclusive: Release date: November 19, 2016

Playstation VR Games

There can be no doubt about it, virtual reality games have arrived and they are here to stay. However until the appearance of Sony’s VR headset, PlayStation VR on October 13th, quality VR gaming options were out of the price range of the average gamer and had system requirements that most of us would find difficult to meet.

The range of PlayStation VR games is notable, more than 30 games available on launch, and it is clear that Sony have provided gaming options to tempt all ages and game tastes. We have looked at a few popular options below:

Action-Adventure – Batman: Arkham VR

A must-have purchase for anyone’s PlayStation VR games collection has to be Batman: Arkham VR. Developed by the same outstanding team that built the Arkham trilogy, this game follows the same impressive standards. In order to avoid motion-sickness issues, some of the travel and action traits of the original trilogy have been adapted. The excitement builds from game-start when you put on the Batsuit and take an extraordinary journey down to the Batcave. From here you enter into a multiple-chapter storyline full of challenges and adventures.

Horror – Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Sony has really nailed the horror bracket with Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. With this lower-priced offering, PlayStation VR games have hit the genre requirements just right, avoiding the inconsolable fear factor of being unable to look away by presenting this game from the perspective of a slow roller coaster. Gruesome targets can only be seen in flashlight beams and whilst the game is intense, the experience is not so terrifying that you won’t want to play again.

Simulations – Job Simulator

Job Simulator is a quirky VR game set in a future world where humans as employees have been rendered unnecessary by the introduction of robots to do their jobs. Job Simulator’s cartoon based VR game offers the opportunity for players to learn what it was like when people still had jobs. This is a silly game offering but its unruly simulation is entertaining and would be a harmless way to introduce your mother to virtual reality gaming.

Shooters – EVE Valkyrie

There can be few things more tempting than the opportunity to scan around the cockpit of your spacecraft as you battle aliens. EVE Valkyrie is the ideal PlayStation VR game for those who suffer from motion sickness or have restricted space in which to move, as it is a sitting-only game. Entirely suited to the virtual reality platform, EVE Valkyrie gives you the opportunity to experience space dog fighting in an exciting three-dimensional way.

Education – Apollo 11 VR

The use of PlayStation VR games as educational tools has been well documented. The immersive experience that they offer students has clear implications for a wide range of subjects. Apollo 11 VR gives a historical account of one of mankind’s greatest eras. The experience combines documentary based accounts with snippets of game simulation. For example players are given the opportunity to land the lunar module and explore the moon’s surface. It is hard to argue against the benefits of education in this form as student participation is almost guaranteed.

Niche Games – Rez Infinite

Reviewers have suggested that Rez Infinite is exactly the type of game to which virtual reality is best suited. With highly stylized physicality, Rez Infinite has made a successful transition from 2D to VR and plays well on the PlayStation VR headset. At first play Rez Infinite appears to be a simple 360° shooting game but with each action you build up a techno sound track, the addition of light effects makes this a virtual reality experience to remember. The range of games and opportunities that virtual reality presents appears to be inexhaustible. With Sony’s affordable PlayStation VR games and their already popular headset, more and more of us are going to be tempted into trying these immersive gaming experiences. The VR popularity race can only speed up and we would suggest that PlayStation is well placed to maintain a strong position. Above all Sony needed developers to actively develop for their VR platform; this is happening and it is happening in style. The PSVR headset and the excellent range of games are here to stay, if you haven’t had your virtual reality experience yet, what are you waiting for?

Samsung Gear VR Games

Turn your Galaxy Smartphone into a wireless and portable Samsung Gear VR headset and experience the world of 360 degrees. Now, with this affordable VR headset you can enjoy the exceptional action, and experience virtual reality practically anywhere. With Samsung gear VR games, bring your dreams into reality. Explore, discover and race with your gear VR now and enjoy all your favorite virtual games.

No other gear can give the best gaming experience like Gear VR. You can play all your favorite games like EVE-Gunjack, Minecraft, Land’s End, etc. Also, you can enjoy new thrilling games and upcoming games in your Samsung Gear VR. Here you can find some of the amazing games that you can play on the headset.

Land’s End

Land’s End is one of the best games that offer outstanding coastal settings. It is an impressive puzzle game that takes you to the dream world, though you actually need to solve the puzzles. This game is somewhat similar to the classic Archipelago in its feel and structure. The puzzle is about connecting dots together to unlock the doorways to continue your journey. However, the fact is this world is bright and cartoonish, and the heights make you feel dizzy, and the smooth atmosphere makes you relaxed. This game is very addictive and interesting. The game gives you more excitement if you can finish the game in one go.

Altspace VR

Altspace VR is a new gear VR comparatively, but it offers loads of entertainment. It is a visual cross-platform chat app as it allows you to join a digital environment from Mayan mazes to penthouses or multiplayer rooms, where you can hand out with your family, friends or even with strangers. Altspace provide a large list of activities and games, including quiz shows, trivia, and video wall through which you can sign up for a limitless list of YouTube videos. Beginning of this year, Altspace also released Front Row, this feature allows a title performer to put on an act to hundreds of viewers, which was shown on The Late Show with Reggie Watts.

Smash Hit:

Smash Hit is a totally fun game, it offers a load of fun to the player. You have to break structures, glass panes, and towers all the way to the barrage of metal balls when you float down corridors. You need a little patience to play the game and you need to be careful as you will get only limited ammunitions. You cannot adjust the speed or you cannot stop the journey, also the game checks your aim and the reactions.

You will feel the glass crumble as real and makes you satisfied. Smash Hit can be an addictive and fun game, it offers old arcade fun and with just 3 dollars you can play as long as you can.

Herobound: Spirit Champion:

It is a classic game, and the title proves that how it can be converted to VR. It is an efficient and offers a 3rd-person view of the dream world and your elf character allows you to walk through the rooms, and kills the bad people, and it also allows you to gather the items on your way. It is a simple game and it has nothing new, head-tracking, but offers loads of fun. You may need a Bluetooth controller for the more efficient gaming experience.

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