Samsung Gear VR vs YVR 2

When you compare the Samsung Gear VR to the YVR 2 you can see which VR Headset is better. Let's take a look of the comparison, and see which model of VR Headset out ontop.

What VR Headset is better?

Comparing the Samsung Gear VR and the YVR 2 virtual reality headsets, there are a few key features that stand out.

The Samsung Gear VR is an excellent choice for those who want to use their smartphone as the driving force behind a great virtual reality experience. It has an impressive field of view at 101° and resolution of 2560x1440 px. Additionally, it supports Room Scale 360 tracking and has a relatively low refresh rate at 60 Hz. The pros of this headset include its compatibility with Android devices, its portability, and reasonable cost compared to other options. One con may be the refresh rate which isn’t as high as some competitors on the market.

The YVR 2 is a standalone VR headset that offers users many advanced features not available in the Gear VR model. This headset has a 95° field of view and 1600 x 1600 resolution allowing for detailed visuals from within games or movies alike. Also included is a higher refresh rate at 90 Hz giving smoother experiences overall when compared to what you find with mobile-based systems like the Gear VR; however, this comes at an increased cost than what you would typically pay for something powered by your smartphone alone. Pros for this headset include improved visual clarity due to its higher resolution, along with faster frame rates thanks to its 90Hz refresh rate making it better suited for more intensive applications such as gaming or streaming videos in full HD or 4K quality. A con may be its price point which can be much higher than what one might find with mobile-powered headsets such as the Gear VR.

For my personal opinion on these two headsets, I found both had distinct strengths that made them suitable options depending on your needs and budget; however, I did prefer using the YVR2 due to its superior visuals provided by its higher resolution and faster frame rates when compared to mobile-based models like the Gear VR which were just not quite up to par when it came time to really enjoy intense applications such as gaming or streaming video content in full HD or 4K quality.

Specs comparison between the two VR Headsets

Samsung Gear VRYVR 2
Model NameGear VRYVR 2
Release Date2017202022
Country of OriginSouth Korea
CategorySmartphone VRStandalone VR
Battery Life3 h
Field of View101°95°
Resolution2560 x 1440 px1600x1600
Refresh Rate60 Hz90 Hz
Display TypeDisplay of inserted smartphone2 x LCD binocular
Minimum Requirements
Operating SystemsAndroid
Weight345 g350g
Dimensions207 × 121 × 99 mm
Room Scale?YES
360 Tracking?YES
Positional Tracking?No
Front Camera?No
Eye Tracking?YES
Usable with Glasses?No
Cooling SystemNo
Built in Headphones?No
Built in Microphone?No
Flip Visor?No
Voice Command?YES
IPD Adjustment?No
Lens to Eye Adjustment?YES
Display Port?YES
Mini Display Port?YES

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