What VR Headsets Work With Phasmophobia?

Lora Garcia14 Mar 2022

The newest and greatest horror game is Phasmophobia VR. This independent video game is all about building strong multiplayer experiences for every ghost hunter, with plenty of frightening moments. Phasmophobia has dominated the Twitch scenes and YouTube, with many players. Streamers have taken over the game's abandoned towers and sites, demonstrating how fantastic Phasmobia can be. Before we know what VR headsets work with phasmophobia, let's check the pros and cons of the phasmophobia game.

The Game has Value Added by VR

Phasmophobia's treatment adds another layer of immersion to every player's overall gaming experience with VR. The most appealing aspect about this is that you only need to purchase it once, and you can then use it with your computer or virtual reality headset. This enhances the value of your money spent on this game, which is presently priced at $13.99. Combined with both excellent multiplayer and single-player modes, VR support is a fantastic deal. Phasmophobia is well worth the money, and VR adds a lot to the experience.

Wide VR Support

Now is the time if you have a VR headset and want to try out suffering from Phasmophobia. You're undoubtedly familiar with your desire to experience what it's like to be homophobic in virtual reality. Is there a PC version? Is it compatible with your headset? Check the game's Steam page to verify. If you already own a headset, you likely have one of the models discussed above. Alternatively, you may consider this information when looking for one and intend to use it with Phasmophobia.

You Can Play With Your Friends Who Don't Have VR

The possibilities with virtual reality are endless, and this is just the beginning; however, one of the finest games to play with pals, whether they have VR or not, makes it even better. You'll be able to discover some excellent horror games that work with VR, but you may have difficulty finding ones that allow for multiplayer. This is a fantastic way to experience VR without buying a headset. The game's player base would have been significantly harmed if the VR and desktop versions were split. The addition of virtual reality and multiplayer modes to Phasmophobia's game plan set a wonderful example for any future game planning.

This Device Becomes More Natural

When you pick up an item in a game, you notice a distinct disconnect between your hands and the thing your character is holding. The hands are the controller in virtual reality, so grasping things and manipulating them feels far more personal. In VR, phasmophobia allows for a surprisingly detailed equipment usage system. When you're walking down a corridor with an Ouija Board, you don't just see yourself holding it like a flat pizza box. You're strolling with an Ouija Board, and if you aren't careful, you might drop your cherished flashlight.

Are you a spook magnet? Be careful!

For some gamers, horror games can be too frightening. They are a good way to build up bravery, but they may also result in less appealing stains on your recently cleaned set of jeans. Aside from that, Phasmophobia becomes genuinely frightening in virtual reality. If you're looking for a ghost, it's only natural that you would be scared; to experience horror is generally unpleasant. You will be frightened and perhaps cry out. If you're starting, start with smaller goals. If that's too much to handle, feel free to immerse yourself into the Virtual Reality experience by relaxing and setting modest objectives for yourself.

Playing Too Long Will Expose Your Eyes to Danger.

Playing a game in VR has one major disadvantage: extended use may cause strain on your eyes, and you may experience dizziness at times. The more play you do, the better adjusted you'll become. It's a little tough to get used to at first, but it's well worth it in the end. When playing Phasmophobia (or any other game) in VR, make sure you take frequent breaks. Nothing is more frustrating than stopping playing a game due to an illness. Make sure it doesn't happen to you; it is worth it, even for a few minutes.

Textures with High-Intensity Highlights

Even the best VR games have a few rough edges here and there. Unfortunately, looking at walls, items, and pretty much anything else up close instantly exposes any flaws within a texture. Because Phasmophobia is an independent game rather than a major studio blockbuster, it is to be expected that the visuals will have some flaws. Rather, the graphics are rather wonderful, especially since they're not bad. However, while playing in VR, keep an eye out for intriguing details on the ghosts' faces.

Is Phasmophobia on Oculus Quest 2

At the time of writing, Phasmophobia is not available for purchase on the Oculus Quest game store. As a result, it's difficult to recommend it as a good fit for beginners. It isn't accessible on the game store yet, so you won't be able to buy or download and install it straight to your headset immediately. However, it is compatible with oculus quest and other VR headsets. Available on Steam. This is an essential detail to consider since it's now possible to play games from your Steam collection on the Oculus Quest 2 headset using modern technology.

Using the with your gaming PC, you may connect it to a headset and use the PC as a sort of console, allowing you to play while listening. The Quest 2 is compatible with games that aren't specifically developed, allowing you to play them on the system. It's important to verify your PC meets the following requirements to utilize the Link Cable:

  • On your computer, power on the Oculus software.
  • Turn on the Quest 2. 
  • Connect the USB cable to the USB 3.0 port on your Personal Computer. Drop the hub into your PC and connect one end to your headset.
  • You may be prompted to enable access to information or data while using your virtual reality headset. Choose Deny option if you don't want to participate. If you unintentionally “Enable” the prompt, remove the USB cable from your Quest and re-connect.
  • To start remote operation when using Oculus Link, choose Enable when prompted to Enable Oculus Link.

The connection cable is 5 meters long, so you shouldn't be restricted to where you can go. This means that you may play games wirelessly on your PC as well. Should you want to use this function, it'll still be a while yet. It's still under development, but it won't be too long before it's available. You may utilize it as an experimental feature if you wish. Both your headset and PC must have v28 or higher firmware installed.

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