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Lora Garcia20 Feb 2022

The Samsung Gear VR is a virtual device that is compatible with Smartphone and it can offer you with a captivating virtual experience. The Samsung Gear VR offers supreme comfort, engage you in intense action, allows you to explore different worlds, and gives you an out of the world experience. The headset is made to fit perfectly.

It offers convenient control, just with a swipe or a tap you can control your VR. Now, you can get a flat touchpad for control and precision. The Home Key takes you back directly to Oculus Home.

  • Home Key: Just press home key to go back to Oculus home
  • Back Key: Press this key to go back to the previous menu
  • Touchpad: Swipe or Tap the level surface for effortless control

Here you can find hacks and tricks with the Samsung Gear VR, including how to run the 3rd-party software, how to obtain the best image quality, and how to hide your personal videos that you don’t want to other people to watch.

After the new Gear VR was released, the VR enthusiasts and developers are looking for the launch of the VR headset connected to the Smartphone. Most of these virtual game lovers can’t wait to use the platform that is why the company created OpenGear, a compatible gear VR headset.

The Opengear begins with Galaxy Note 4 that is an objective platform for the VR headset. This looks similar to the Google Cardboard headset, and it comes with the lenses and holds the phone to your face with straps

This Samsung Gear VR is missing only the MTE (motion tracking electronic). But, the Discovery development board included everything required, including USB device microcontroller support, an LSM303DLHC magnetometer/ accelerometer, an L3GD20 3 axis gyro. These gears together offer a USB IMU for tracking.

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The Galaxy connection:

Gear VR works impeccably with a Galaxy Smartphone connected with Micro USB. You just need to plug in the phone to start, but remember Gear VR is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Micro USB: Galaxy S7 edge/S7/S6 edge+/Note5.

Oculus Home: Here you Gear VR journey start. You can look through games and explore or experience the new games on the Oculus Store. You can also find various possibilities and meet your friends from your virtual home.

For the first time, when you plug in your headset into the phone, it will automatically install the software. You just need to open an Oculus account before you can get the complete Samsung gear VR experience.

Get a WiFi connection to your phone and connect it to the quick access point. If you are not connected to WiFi some application will not work and it won’t allow you turn it on when you are using Samsung Gear VR.

Before you start your Gear VR, close all the background applications. This can help your programs run faster. Connect and allow any devices that you want to use before you want to use the Samsung Gear VR.

Lora Garcia

Lora Garcia

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