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Lora Garcia20 Feb 2022

Virtual reality system is what can be used to describe and define steam VR with an additional headset. The system was designed and created by two partners; HTC together with Valve. It is similar to the oculus rift in that it has two screens of a relatively high resolution of 1080 x 1200 with the ability to run data at a fast refreshing rate of 90Hz. This results in the creation of a high definition 3D imaginary reality. The system also has lenses to guide your eyes thus developing a wide field of view. It is the view that ensures you not only see the amazing LCDs but you are also captured in the enthusiasm. With your personal computer, you can simply connect the headset to it using a cable giving you the ability to enjoy games among other software that can be utilized using the virtual reality system.

Components of Steam VR

One important component that constitutes the steam VR is the renowned HTC Vive headset. This unique component employs the use of laser beams to track and monitor the position of the headset. This ability is possible thanks to the laser sensitive detectors placed at the surface of the headset. This tracking system is not only very fast in performance but also very precise. With its ability of mark boundaries precisely, you can be sure to integrate your entire room in the virtual reality environment you are creating.

The wand-shaped regulators that come in a pair is another component of steam VR. The regulators are designed specifically for all games in virtual reality systems. The regulators are designed in such a way that they have remotes that can detect rays giving you another advantage of tracking the position of the headset. The regulators utilize thumb pads that can be divided into various buttons to be used for giving directional commands. You can be sure that the trigger located at the back is the primary button.

Improvement from Oculus Rift

Most people probably view steam VR as an improvement of the Oculus rift created after a lot of research and innovations put in place by Valve. This created a virtual experience that can be felt even when standing. You can even walk and still continue enjoying the excitement of gaming in virtual reality. This is one improvement when compared to oculus rift that heavily invested in having the virtual full immersion while remaining seated. In addition, you can continue to have the positional tracking ability that you can have even when seated.

The Cost Factor

Being an improvement of what is available in the market, the price of steam VR is relatively higher than their predecessor counterparts. The cost is as a result of the direct inclusion and additional of features such as the laser detectors that gives the system the ability to track more precisely in comparison to the camera used in other systems like in oculus rift. You cannot rule out the expense of adding in the regulators in this system to give more interaction capability when using it.

Improvements in Steam VR

Constant development and improvement of Steam VR has been going on since its inception in 2015. Two of the recent features that have been added are steam desktop overlay together with the steam workshop. All the features run at the background. Therefore whether you are using steam client beta or even the steam VR beta you should be able to notice the two modifications.

While using VR you may want to observe what is happening with your PC and at the same time you do not want to remove the handset. This situation is what prompted the creation of Steam Desktop which shows you desktop contents when using VR. On the other hand, the workshop gives you the ability to share your steam VR backgrounds. This is possible only with other users. If you are very creative then the users can rate you and even use your background.

Lora Garcia

Lora Garcia

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