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The refreshed 2021 model only gets better, all without a price hike
windowscentral.com - HP Reverb G2
  • - 4
The Reverb G2 isn't the most immersive VR system on the market — that title still belongs to the Index and its accessories — but it does deliver the best visual experience. The refreshed HP Reverb G2 doesn't likely warrant a re-buy over the first Reverb G2, but the changes made are welcome for anyone who's looking to break into VR and WMR. It's a good sign for all fans of VR that HP is continuing to innovate in this arena.
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HP’s wearable VR system is an unnecessary luxury
engadget.com - HP VR BACKPACK
  • - 4.1
When it comes to HP's backpack accessory, I was honestly surprised how much I enjoyed using it. It made diving into VR more immersive, since I didn't have to worry about getting tangled in any cables tied to a large desktop. Sure, the setup is a bit more involved: You've got to attach the compact desktop, slide in the battery packs, and make sure everything is connected properly. The backpack feels surprisingly comfortable to wear, thanks to its padded shoulder straps and two front straps. The entire setup clocks in at 8.3 pounds, which isn't much more than what I typically lug around every day in my backpack.
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