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A VR headset powered by Google Daydream, no phone required
wired.com - Lenovo Mirage Solo
  • - 4
A fully untethered VR experience offering six degrees of freedom. Excellent screen with light-directing Fresnel lenses and a 110-degree field of view. Fun games and experiences in the Daydream store with more surely to come. Included earbuds have a short cord made for a VR headset.
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A great entry point to Windows Mixed Reality
windowscentral.com - Lenovo Explorer
  • - 4
While it may not be anything flashy to look at, the Lenovo Explorer is a great introduction to the world of Windows Mixed Reality. Utilitarian, maybe, but what matters most is how it delivers the experience and on that there's little to fault. It's well made, light and comfortable and despite the thin, flimsy looking foam padding around your face, there's no evidence of light bleeding in so long as you get the fit right on your head.
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ThinkReality A3 AR Glasses Review
labfreq.com - Lenovo ThinkReality A3
  • - 4.1
Lenovo has done a wonderful job with the ThinkReality A3 AR Frames, from the build and weight to the execution of the platform. They currently work with ThinkPad models with dedicated graphics chips and the Moto G100, but there’s no reason this awesome headset couldn’t work with most modern smartphones and PCs. It’s that good.
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